Driven hunt for bears

Driven hunts for bears are the most exciting hunting events organized these days, being a great tradition since the earlier centuries. The number of brown bears seen during these hunts is admirable.

The hunting period is from the 15th of September until the 15th of December.

Hunting is carried out in groups of up to 12 hunters, being possible to organize 3-4 driven hunts per day. The hunters are accompanied by a clerk.

During driven hunts for bears it is also possible to shoot wild boars, red deers and if lucky wolves, lynx and wildcats.

The regions for this hunt are: Covasna, Brasov, Harghita, Sibiu and Arges.

Accommodation is provided in hunting chalets especially built for Ceausescu, most of them later being refurbished in order to perfectly fit to the needs of our customers and offer a wonderful, luxurious experience for the hunters.

High seat hunt for bears

Hunting is carried out in the same areas above mentioned, some hunting grounds being reserved only for this type of hunt.

The great trophies of this beautiful specie are acquired through this type of hunt.