The capercailli

The capercailli is a symbolic bird of the Carpathians, with a great poise and slender figure.

Capercaillie hunts can be defined as being unique. The hunt is carried out by stalking, the hunters only being guided by their hearing and the call of the capercailli. When the capercailli stops singing and opens its eyes, the hunters need to halt in order for the bird not to sense danger. When it starts singing again, the hunters can start approaching until they have reached a shooting distance.

All possible precautions have to be taken, in order for the bird not to sense the foreign presence. If the capercailli senses danger it flies to a different tree, and all the above steps have been made for nothing. This type of hunt has its own spark and uniqueness.

The hunting period is from the 15th of April until the 14th of May.

High mountainous areas in the Carpathians are the hunting areas.

Accommodation is provided in the hunting chalets especially built for Ceausescu, later refurbished into luxurious guest houses, or inĀ  3 and 4 star hotels.