Abies Hunting is a company with over 20 years of experience in organizing hunting trips, under the leadership of Mr. Árpád Sárkány. In the past 8 years, with our variety of available destinations, we have managed to class ourselves amongst the first three largest hunting companies in Europe. We are the leaders in Romania, country with the largest population of brown bears in Europe, located in the range of the Carpathian Mountains. Such bears constitute the aim of impressive driven hunts and also high-seat hunts. We also have the largest gams in Europe; large wild boars can be hunted both during driven and a high-seat hunts, we offer impressive troat hunting and capercailli hunts. Furthermore a significant proportion of our hunting services focus on roebuck hunts.
Abies Hunting Offices
We are also the number one company in Hungary in organizing roebuck hunts and in offering a spectacular driven hunt for wild boars. In Austria we have the honor to be classed as first in achieving big trophies of red deer, mouflon, fallow deer, wild boar, ibex and thar.
Sarkany Arpad
Furthermore our company is amongst the top 10 firms in Serbia which offer roebuck hunting and also in Croatia, where due to the spectacular territories we own, red deer hunting is highly classed. We collaborate with the top companies of the world in order to offer the hunting services our client’s desire.